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Welcome to Ombiance: we specialize in cozy and contemporary home & car environments. Transform your living space into a luxurious and relaxing haven.

Quality Products



Our carefully crafted nebulizing diffusers and essential oil blends bring delightful scents to every corner of your home.


Nature Quality
Timeless Design

Our diffusers also serve as sophisticated pieces of decor. With sleek, modern aesthetics, they seamlessly blend into any space.


Beauty of

Explore the therapeutic benefits of nature, promoting relaxation, well-being, and balance.

You are your home. Take care of yourself.

Customer Review

Premium Diffuser
I have used many diffusers but none comes closer to this one. The unit looks upmarket, premium built quality. It's very easy to use.
- Amazon Customer
Easy to use anywhere
This was some easy to use perfect for using in the car. Works well and is very easy to set up. Easy to read instructions.
- Amazon Customer
I love it
This diffuser is truly wonderful for my relaxation moments in the bathtub. It instantly transforms the atmosphere.
- Amazon Customer

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